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The PrivacyWall.org Grassroots Voter Drive is a free self-service voter registration tool that helps Americans streamline voter registration, change of voter registration, and voter registration requests to increase voter turnout in response to COVID19. Our team of volunteers have carefully studied every state's election rules to minimize information you are required to provide to register to vote. We are not affiliated or endorsed by the Federal Election Commission. Our $0 Self-Service Voter Registration is free for everyone who would like to print and mail their registration and do it themselves.

💻Step 1: Self-Service Voter Registration
Fill out and mail in your voter registration form to the State Election Commission. Register to vote today. Filling the form to register to vote in local, state, and federal elections has never been so easy. Whether you are a US citizen and young adult who recently turned 18 or a US citizen who needs to change their voter registration data just fill out our online form. You can change your voter registration with state election board. It just takes just 2 minutes to fill this form which is completely online and print out your voter registration to send to the the Secretary of State. We will generate your official voter registration form, and email you a single use download link for you to download and mail in to the State Election Board. Our service is provided to you for free. You may also register to vote online by visiting your state or government website. PrivacyWall.org is a private business entity that facilitates the voter registration process for its users and is not affiliated with the State Election Commission or any other government agency.

📮Step 2: Sign and Drop Off Your Completed Form at the Post Office
Most states require email address, phone number, place of birth, and ethnicity when registering online, but this data is not in fact required to complete the Federal Voter Registration Form. Using the PrivacyWall.org voter registration service means your private email information, your private phone number, your place of birth, your ethnicity will not be shared with State Election Commission, because we don't ask for them and you are not required to provide them - even though nearly all State Election Commissions continue to ask for them. In fact, North Carolina continues to require voters to declare their ethnicity - although our lawyers explained that your voter registration will not be rejected if you do not provide this information. When using our service, your email and phone number are never shared with any government agencies including the state voter registry. We are the privacy alternative because the state voter registry partners with third parties and sell your personal data (including phone and email address and other data you provide) as part of voter registration lists that are sold to direct marketers when using their website directly. Avoid junk mail and emails. As part of our mission to protect user privacy, we do not sell. We protect your privacy. Please note that all references to and trademarks of the State Election Commission used on this site are the exclusive property of the State Election Commission. PrivacyWall.org does not claim any ownership of any products or services belonging to the USA Election Commission.

🗳️Step 3: Chip In! Bend the Arc of History Towards a More Inclusive Future!
Most people are chipping in $25! PrivacyWall has a company-wide commitment to your privacy, and is leading the industry by adopting privacy-preserving technologies. Our services are 100% free but they are not cost-less. We count on donations of money and time from our volunteers and donors to make things happen. Chip in to support us. We are here to bend the arc of history toward a more inclusive future. Your contribution helps pay for software, product development, hosting, tools, bottomless cups of coffee, and outreach for our volunteer effort. To skip the suggested donation, just chip in $0.

🤲Step 4: PrivacyWall Matching Gifts Program: Double Your Donation 100%!
Increase your charitable giving through the PrivacyWall Matching Gifts Program. Through this program, PrivacyWall supports your generosity by matching your contributions of money or volunteer time. When you give money to one of our initiatives, PrivacyWall will match your gift one-for-one. There’s no minimum donation amount or limit on the number of donations per year, and PrivacyWall will match your volunteer time and monetary donations up to a total of US$10,000 per calendar year.

🗳️ Why should I register to vote using PrivacyWall?
Our mission at PrivacyWall is to protect consumer privacy. Online voter registration is only available in 39 states. Voter registration data is highly sought after by marketers, and nearly every state sells voter lists to direct marketers and junk mailers. We ask you for the minimum data necessary to complete your registration and we do not sell the data. Most states require email address, phone number, place of birth, and ethnicity when registering online, but this data is not in fact required to complete the Federal Voter Registration Form. We believe this is incredibly unfair to consumers who may not want to share their personal information in order to exercise their right to vote and then have it sold without their knowledge to companies and organizations they don’t know. Given the disruption from COVID19, we feel consumers who are staying at home may feel compelled to share their data with data harvesters because they have no other choice. Once the data is sold, it can be uploaded into Facebook, Instagram, and Google to target and identify the voter. These are incredibly sensitive data points that can used to match voters. We are non-partisan and our voter drive initiative is designed to empower the democratic process during COVID19. Your contribution fuels our initiative to do more and your support helps us democratize access to voter privacy to our 55 million Americans without access to online voter registration.

💻How long does it take for the State Election Board to process my request?
The official voter registration request with the Department of Elections is performed after you mail in your voter registration form and may take 30 or more days to appear in the Election Commission system. The accuracy of any and all information submitted to PrivacyWall.org is the responsibility of the customer and use of this website is subject to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. The accuracy of the information is the responsibility of the user. Start by selecting your party affiliation (Democrat, Republican, Independent, No Party). If you are wondering where can I register to vote, you have come to the right place. Mail in your voter registration form today. If you have any further questions, please visit our Contact Us page to find out how to reach us.

Save time.
If you need help on how to register to vote online, how to update your voter registration online, how to vote online, or how to change your voter registration, we can help generate your voter registration form or change of voter registration, by filling out your voter registration (to register to vote) and emailing a copy for you to download and mail in yourself (to save you time). Why spend valuable time learning how to file a voter registration form? Save time for family and friends. Sign up to register to vote and start the process to vote in the upcoming election. File your voter registration form yourself and mail in your voter registration update to save money. Do you want to save money? Do it all yourself at home. File the official forms when you file your voter registration and vote in the next election. How do I file my voter registration in my state? Enter your home address. Mail it in to vote instantly. Register to vote today.

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